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Lighting Services


Your business lighting designs will add the perfect finishing touch to any project.

We use speciality lighting systems and fixtures to create a unique atmosphere that stands out. Our experienced lighting specialists are skilled in creating custom layouts to find the ideal balance of form, function and beauty.

With our help, you can create an eye-catching and functional space.

Our core lighting services include:

  1. Design & Engineering
  2. Lighting Layout & Plans
  3. Lighting Retrofits
  4. Electrical Service and Upgrades
  5. Exterior Lighting Solutions
  6. Photometric Layout Options
  7. Maintenance & Repair
  8. Lighting Control Solutions
  9. Automated Dimming Systems
  10. On-site Surveying
  11. Energy Saving Solutions
  12. Contingency Planning
  13. Auditing Services
Sana Lighting Services

In further detail we can:

  • Consult to determine the lighting project objectives
  • Identify the best lighting products for the job
  • Installing the lighting fixtures
  • Inspect and test the lighting fixtures
  • Update or replace lighting components when needed
  • Troubleshoot and repair lighting issues
  • Advise on how to reduce energy costs
  • Customise lighting fixtures
  • Recommend maintenance and preventive measures
  • Ensure your business comply with local codes and regulations